Sunday, November 18, 2012

Pot of Gold

Over the rainbow lies a pot of Gold waiting for you however if you don't travel over the rainbow you cannot find it..So ride that Rainbow Of Colours, go thru the Mist and on the other side is much that will delight and enliven you ..

The Pot Of Gold is the Golden Treasure that is the real lasting wealth and only this will ever sustain you.. So chase rainbows , catch the butterflies, dance in the wind , soar above the clouds and connect with all of LIFE and see where it takes you, maybe over the rainbow to the most highest place that dwells deep within you that only you can discover if you will but try !!! 
I am always with you and you are never really alone with love Love LOVE, as this is what sustains all of LIFE simply LOVE, so be the LoVe that is really you, give Love and see what happens when you are the Energy Of Love, which seeks nothing, hopes for nothing and has everything.

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