Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Erika's Healing Journey Journal continued....

Recently I went on 3months of Jo Dunnings Instant Access program for the first time ever and got this at a huge discount as they had Jo on a telesummit and they offered Instant Access at the $97 rate! So on Xmas Day as my pressy to me I got this and on the last day it was available to all, after this it was listed on her website as Sold Out which it still is right now i.e. March/April. So for 3 months whatever I have had going on within me about anything I have had the Instant Access healing process of Jo Dunning connected with me to address and clear what was bugging me or causing an issue, all I have to do is bring up the thought of Instant Access and anything going on for me and it would be flowing into to bring about healing and balance til no more issue for however long this would take !! I had to get past my mind and be open for this as I had known about Instant Access for a long time but suddenly for a one payment low price for 3mths I did it signed up and it has just finnished now!! 

It has been an interesting 3months since then .. I found listening to Jo's recording on her website on Instant Access helped me each time I heard it to connect in more and more with the Energy of Instant access and to accept it as real and with me..I had 3 months to focus on anything bothering me and just bring up the energy of Instant Access to clear it, for however long it would take...I spent alot of time experimenting with it to see what benefit I could receive from it , and found it did help with situations and my current state..I figured if I  had 3mths I would really utilise it to transform transmute issues and problems... I used it on everything and anything at all and found it good to not need to do a process and clearing technique on something just go Instant Access for this now in my mind !!! Now the 3mths are over and I have got very used to having this to access anytime so we will see what I do with this in the future !! What Jo does say is that eventually you can access this for yourself independently and my being an Energy Healing practitioner I will work with this myself now...
And then in March this month I just completed Ann Taylors 21 days healing program where she works on you for 21 days with a whole set of belief clearings and negative emotions and installing new beliefs so that was quite a time I had with that each day receiving her energy work !!! Over a long period of time I have received many invitations to her 21 days and not ever wanted to pay the $247 for it at all and then just like that I go enrol in it after dowsing on it etc and I got it at a very reasonable cost !!! This works on clearing hundreds of beliefs and in your family and ancestors too !!  I got emails each day saying what clearings were done for everyone signed up and what the topic was and found it a very interesting three weeks as it intensified your healing journey and got you clear of many fears and issues you have..She works with God as her Change agent doing what is for your highest good and Gods will what is done for you...Now this has just finnished in time for Easter and what a time I have had this month with this program..I am still surprised I got into these healing programs as I never usually do at all !!! Time will tell on the effect on me and my life in the future !! For now time to relax and just be after so many things have been worked on ...As this program clears it in you your family and ancestors it wil also interesting to see what changes occur within the family. I will update this blog post as I feel things connect to these healing programs as results !! Ann Taylors website is

And then in February and March I received Tamra Oviatt's Sacred activations all of them during this time in the last few months and they are very life changing powerful Activations and you can redo them from a recording many times which I have ....So I have been thru a lot as all of this brings up all your good stuff to be healed and released, loads of belief clearingso I am much lighter !!! Each Activation is for something different and connects to the higher realms who assist them and they only come in at the rate that is right for each person...Tamra is a theta healer and I can easily understand her work and am open to receiving it. I have also dowsed Tamra Oviatt's and her Sacred Activations and I found them at a high vibration. When I fall asleep listening to them I have some interesting dreams.  My next step is doing the Practitioner training so I can facilitate these Sacred Activations !! I would love a sponsor to pay for all my trainings I would love to be doing, I have a list, wouldn't that be wonderful yes thankyou . !!!

In February I Livestreamed with Braco for many sessions also and this I could see propelled alot of my next few months ! Now I have just been on the April sessions so lots of Braco and in June Braco is coming to Australia to Perth so I will enjoy many Braco Gazings then too !! Miracles and many healing blessings are brought forward via Braco as a conduit of the Divine Energies of Love and Healing..
Book on Braco ~ 21 days with Braco

So over Easter I can start a new cycle and see what I get up to next !!! So this year is really rock'n'rolling for me !!  Ah now I see this year is the Year of clearing out past stuff to go forward into a new 12 year cycle so I have been actively doing this !! I have also been reading Catherine Ponders books as I got three of her books from my library system and I love reading them and the special statements for healing and changing things !!! I have all her books on my Amazon wish list as I want to have them all !!!

I am into something wonderful I have been guided to as another gift of healing and I am reading a very special manual and working with the Quantum K System by Andrew Kemp. It is free to download the manual and print it and there is a free video you can use to give yourself a Quantum K healing session. This is the simplest healing system that downloads into you as you read it and then you simply give yourself a session with the manual on your body and your hands on your body for 10mins when you require healing for anything at all going on for you !!! I am incorporating this into my healing toolkit now and I can do  a session for a person with this Quantum K system as well as give a Access Bars session !! So if you would like to receive a wonderful healing session over the phone or skype or in person simply contact me !!! 

Quantum K healing ~ 

With love joy and many blessings to you 
Energy Healing Facilitator

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Love Bliss Ball of healing Energies

Imagine a LOVE BLISS~BALL vortex swirling in front of you now and you open to it enveloping you and your problem you choose to have dissolved into this Love Sphere NOW.. 

Feel it encompassing you and your issues and see it all dissolving into Sweet Love and JOY and BLISS !! We are facilitating this for each person who chooses to receive this now and simply choose something you are willing to release into this Healing Vortex as it is joined within you now !!! 

See it coming from the Angels and God and all negative energy is simply transformed into pure positive Divine Love !! As each person reads this and chooses to have one of these ♥ Love Bliss Balls ♥ at any time it will come into you and your consciousness and body and life !!! 
Trust and know this is real and feel it bringing you into this Love Sphere Vortex and working away dissolving all fear negative thoughts and emotions and beliefs etc !! and IT IS DONE !!!

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