Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Love Bliss Ball of healing Energies

Imagine a LOVE BLISS~BALL vortex swirling in front of you now and you open to it enveloping you and your problem you choose to have dissolved into this Love Sphere NOW.. 

Feel it encompassing you and your issues and see it all dissolving into Sweet Love and JOY and BLISS !! We are facilitating this for each person who chooses to receive this now and simply choose something you are willing to release into this Healing Vortex as it is joined within you now !!! 

See it coming from the Angels and God and all negative energy is simply transformed into pure positive Divine Love !! As each person reads this and chooses to have one of these ♥ Love Bliss Balls ♥ at any time it will come into you and your consciousness and body and life !!! 
Trust and know this is real and feel it bringing you into this Love Sphere Vortex and working away dissolving all fear negative thoughts and emotions and beliefs etc !! and IT IS DONE !!!

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