Friday, June 14, 2013


Can you hear us calling to you right now
Sit quiet and listen and you will hear us calling your name. 
WE ask you to sit in silence with us and feel our presence
Do this as you read this now and feel our love flow into your being.
We ask for nothing from you only that we can communicate our love to you and for you
From now on allow us to be present in your life more and more
Allow us to help you by asking us for help and whatever we can do we will
AS you do your part in letting Go and Letting God
We can step in to your sphere and whisper our guidance to you,
And our guidance is always to follow the whispers of your heart
Nothing more and nothing less is asked of you. .
So feel us in your heart and mind and we will be there awaiting you.
 WE Love You and We are Always with You.
Trust this and know how loved you really are !!

with much Love from your Angels!


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  1. Your angel guidance is to infuse loving thoughts into all aspects of your life. This is the greatest healing you can give yourself
    angel healing


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