Monday, March 2, 2015

The Most Powerful Abundance Prayer

This prayer may be watched as many times as you like to. You may view this prayer daily for  assisting you in achieving your dreams and goals . As you watch it say the words mentally or outloud and just enjoy the video and release all expectations both postive and negative and then see what shows up in your life that is a Blessing and Miracle. It is only 3mins long , so open to this prayer and allow your mind to accept this is real and believe it is working for you !!! Let Go and Let God.

{Credits go to Simona Rich for posting this prayer on her website, to Maureen Moss who improved the prayer, and to the original author who unfortunately is unknown. WE THANKYOU .}


  1. This was lovely Erika!Did not want it to end !!Thank you for sharing it

    1. Yes I love it too I wonder if you watched it every day for a month how that would be !!!

  2. Absolutely beautiful, thank you <3

  3. Hi Erika, this was spectacular. It just made my day. Thank you so much for this wonderful and powerful share. I am so grateful for your kindness. Have a day full of love and joy. Sarah

  4. Shirley JWashingtonOctober 13, 2013 at 12:41 AM

    Hi Erika thak you for this magnificent, glorious, wonderful prayer, I will listen to it everyday. You are so wonderful. Thank you, thank you, thank you. LOL

  5. Just wondering, if you are an atheist and don't believe in the concept of "God", certainly not in the biblical sense, then how do you apply or devote yourself to this prayer, or in fact any sort of spiritual self-improvement and expansion? I'm genuinely interested, thanks!

  6. Anonymous find what you do believe in as the Energy of the Universe and the energy of all that is and then make this your Source and representation of God as others believe it to be, make whatever you do work for you with your beliefs and reality and make it be what your truth is til you change that truth as we always are changing our perceptions of truth. If we don't change at all or understand things from a new point of view or truth then we stay in a rut or stagnate as life is change !!!

  7. I like your post Erika!,Its true.because the river of life never stop flowing.thank you for sharing it.

  8. I am using this prayer and am in surely in a need of urgent funds to make ends meet. My family and I have been homeless once. I managed to rebuild our lives, but bills are pending. I need help before we get cut off, from heating bill, to electricity bill, to phone which I use to find extra work, besides my job. I am a mother of a daughter whose life was interrupted by a rare cancer disease and we have been surviving since. I genuinely need the help, until my daughter is well again and returns on the job market. We cannot be homeless again. Thank you for reading my post.

  9. i hope this prayer can help to pay my big dept


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