Thursday, October 10, 2013

Money Angels

A wonderful miracle today in my morning !!! As I prepared to get ready to leave this morning I received a message from Mathew Dixon as well as an email from Dr Joe Vitale telling me about a new mp3 song of theirs called Money Angels !!! I read about  the story of this special guitar Dr. Joe Vitale found and then played and he discovered  a wonderful song came thru while playing it and he knew it was connected to Money Angels !  So they recorded it and they both found afterwards money just coming to them magically. So I downloaded the two songs and listened over and over in the kitchen as I made breakfast and got ready. And in the one where you hear the messages in the recording with the music Joe says Money Angels find money for you and they attract money to you and I went hmmm sounds good and I said  YES Thankyou Money Angels. And as you know by now I love Angels and especially the Prosperity Angel and Angels of Abundance so Money Angels yes I love you too. 

So then later on I decided before leaving to get out my Ho'oponopono Cleaning Pages folder list of names and swipe them with my  Ho'opnopono Cleaning  ZeroLag Pass and leave out this folder to do this more often. 

As I opened my Ho'oponopono manual I shouted very loudly oh my God as there were 6 twenty dollar notes in the pages in there that were from a reading I did last week and I put them in my manual to clean the money as I always do and this time I had forgotten to get the money out of the book !! Which is unusual as I usually go and get the money later to put it to good use !! I was so excited  I went to my sons bedroom and said I found money I didn't know I had and it was the Money Angels, he had just woken up and looked very ah Mum what are you talking about, so I handed him one of the $20 notes saying here you are one for you too. Later I remembered him saying yesterday he was short after paying for some things so it was another  blessing happening that I gave it to him... 

 I felt so uplifted and after listening to the recording again I heard the part where Dr Joe Vitale says and Money Angels find you money and I knew it was an inspiration I got from them  to look in the manual for the list of names for cleaning with my Pass !! 

And now for Miracle two later in the day after playing this song everywhere I drove while out in the car and coming home I remembered that my hubee Michael was going to transfer $300 to my Bank Account over a week or so ago and I thought I wonder if he did. So when he got home I asked him and he said no he forgot. And all this time I assumed he had and had forgotten to look for it and check I got it ! 

So in one day I got $420 I didn't know I hadn't received yet !!! Each time these Money Miracles occurred I forgot about the recording I had listened to and would only realise later it was the Money Angels again helping me out !!! Wow what a quick result after half an hour in the morning I found the $120 and then later I get $300 put in my bank account. So I am very grateful for these Miracles as I felt so blessed and happy to receive these money findings !!! How do these Money Miracles get any better than this ? What else is possbible ? Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou.

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