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Jo Dunning THE FIVE ENERGY PROCESSES *FREE !! Hi to all reading this, as I bought this product and Jo has given permission to share this you can receive this now for free as a gift, simply click on the link and the download button and right click the download button and save file as !!!! P.S. you have Jo Dunnings permission to share this file also with those whom you feel would really benefit.
Love SoulErika 

The Five Energy Processes might be one of those amazing opportunities.
With these five processes you will have the tool you need to help you navigate so many of the challenges ahead in your life. This live workshop created by Jo Dunning includes a download of the entire workshop and all five processes that you can use for the rest of your life. What a simple way to care for yourself and plan for a happier future. You can use each process whenever you want or let others listen and receive the benefit too. The energy is alive and active on your download and will remain that way.
Use it as many times as you want. The energy will still be there for you to use again.
The Five Energy Processes can help you through so many events in your life. In fact, each process is so versatile it can be used in dozens of different situations.
Here is the list of The Five Energy Processes and just a few of the ways each one might be used. You will find many more ways to use each process as you go through life. This list is just a start.


* Bring Financial Prosperity
- Use this process when you need some extra finances to pay for the groceries, fix the car, take a vacation, pay the rent, buy a home, give someone a nice gift, pay for school, order something on line, get new glasses or just have the security of extra funds available.

* Create Body Comfort
- Use this process when you feel like you are getting a cold or the flu, have a headache, can't sleep, need more energy, have a digestion problem, your body aches, sore joints, allergies, rashes, your are too hot or too cold, got a bee sting, have a bruise, cut, scape or sprain. And hundreds of other things that cause discomfort in your body.

* Become Happy and Peaceful
- This process is great when you feel stressed and overworked, are upset about something, late for work, stuck in traffic, too many responsibilities, not enough time to do something, you feel lost or confused, someone hurt your feelings, you are lonely, feel down and lack motivation, are overwhelmed or feel like giving up.

*Fix Something Broken - There are so many thing that can benefit from this process. When something doesn't work the way you would like it to work, use this process to help get it back on track. Use it on electrical devices, computers, cell phone, TV, remote controls, or toys, cars, appliances. And, of course, remember to use it for a broken heart, a broken leg or a broken promise.

* Solve a Problem
- This process could be called the master process because with it you can address almost anything you encounter in life. It could be used for many of the items listed above as well as legal issues, relationship challenges, school work, math, test taking, things that puzzle or perplex you, unwanted habits, personality quirks, housebreaking a pet, learning a new behavior, weight loss, acne, low self esteem, public speaking, fears and phobias. The list could go on and on.


  1. Thank You for sharing! God bless you!
    With love, Blanka

  2. Got it! Thank you sooo much ♥ Infinite Blessings to You ♥

  3. Thanks for your generosity!
    Love and Blessings, Maryann

  4. Deeply grateful for your generosity!
    Love and blessings

  5. Hello! The link does not work :(

  6. Mari the link is fine as it takes you there and you can play and download it, its working and so it maybe your end . You can alternatively find this on youtube and listen to it there.


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