Saturday, July 12, 2014


channelled by SoulErika from US ANGELS ★ ♫✿◠‿◠)❀✿
THIS month of JULY is a new start and new energy is being transmitted to you. 

YOU will feel tired at times while you adjust to these new energy levels and at other times energised.  What was once something you had to bring more energy and work into now will just create with ease and flow.
JOY ABUNDANCE ✿ LOVE are what we vibrate to so the more you attune yourself to these vibrations the more awareness of US you will have. The KEY this month is to blow away the cobwebs and loosen up alot, shake yourself awake and be alert to Divine Signs and Messages we will be bringing you. 

Change is afoot for many and some will experience happy changes and some very big changes so be flexible and don't look a gift horse in the mouth.
Yellow is our Colour this month bringing Sunshine and JOY to you with its vibrant energy. Surround yourself this month with things and people that make you happy and shun all else, so that you can be the happiness you truly be. Its time for you to Shine and bring JOY to the world.
The energy behind these typed words is coming directly from US so anytime you need some upliftment or support and love come again and read our Loving Healing Words we imbue with much healing and GRACE.

US Angels only want to be of service to you in the highest and best way possible. 
Ask US often for help and see what occurs afterwards. Enjoy and BE Happy for all is as it should be.

✿ Here is the gift of the Hummingbird and this beautiful image for this month of JULY it is granting you more abundance and joy filling your heart with LOVE.✿ 

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