Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Trapped Emotions are emotions that we haven't been able to process and release at the time due to trauma stress or overwhelm. They get stored in our bodies and create an energetic frequency that governs our feeling state and draws in this energy around us. As we release them gradually over time we can feel happier healthier and wealthier. I have found this to be a wonderful way of freeing myself and others from long held emotions causing stressful reactions to life.
If you or someone you care about has experienced symptons of depression in their life, just know that there is a trapped Emotion on the Emotion Code Chart for Depression. You can check for how many instances you or they have of the trapped emotion Depression and then release each one as you get a yes to do this. Also check is it theirs, inherited or past life or this lifetime. Imagine if by releasing this trapped emotion they didn't resonate to the frequency signature of depression anymore and could live happily ever after. Within The Emotion Code book is how to release trapped emotions, and is by Dr. Bradley Nelson​. 

You can also book a session with me to find and release trapped emotions contributing to any problem with feeling depressed or unhappy. I gave a talk at the Victorian Dowsing Society on dowsing for releasing Trapped Emotions earlier this year and it is available on dvd for $10 from their meetings.

The book is around $20 on Book Depository with free postage to anywhere.
The link to the ebook The Emotion Code you can download and read and learn how to release trapped emotions for yourself and others is on my website page on The Emotion Code.

Erika L Soul

Friday, December 9, 2016



🌟This month get ready for an exciting exhilirating ride, hang on tight and enjoy each moment of the journey. What is wonderful is you can now relish each moment of your life as the rich life experience it has always been.

🌟In this present time alot is being achieved in the background, where you cannot see the activities of non physical beings working with so much love and devotion on everyone's behalf. Some of you join them in loving service to the Divine in your night time travels. Divine wonders and Miracles are cocreated for all of Life and are always occuring around you. So right now we are raising your Awareness of these Miracles and wonders so that you notice and feel and appreciate the divine gift and miracle of them.

🌀We want to keep your faith and trust and hope as these are your most important real treasures to cherish always. Do not give in to the negativity around you as this is all an illusion and always there is the sun shining beyond these clouds and you can feel it by knowing and sensing its Light upon your soul constantly.

🌠 This months Divine Transmission carries great healing frequencies to bring body mind spirit healing to each one of you. Anytime you reread this you can receive another level and activation for yourself. If you are feeling low in spirit, unhappy, unwell or lost come and read this and it will lift you up and recharge you and restore you to your Divine Connection. Receive this now coming in from your head to your toes and into all your bodies, emotional mental etheric .....Feel this as electricity firing your cells and spirit with Divine Healing Energies healing your mind body and spirit.

🌞Up til now we have kept this
U.S. Angels Group Readingas our way to communicate with you directly but from this month forward we will be communing with you telepathically where you just know things or receive our direct guidance. You may meditate and ask to meet US. Angels, we are your friends, spiritual guides. masters, angels, always with you during your lifetime.

🌠Our sign and healing symbol activating you with this months
U.S. Angels Group Reading is a special talisman, a symbol of a spiritual warrior with great energy, kindness and strength. It may reveal itself to you in anyway at all, and each time we are cocreating this and showing you we are right here tangible and present. When you see it know these qualities of strength, kindness and energy of the spiritual warrior are activating in you and awakening you be your own Spiritual Warrior.

🌟Until next months U.S.Angels Group Reading rejoice Living each moment of your LIFE!~!!! As you reread this Group Angel Reading each time it will activate more and more for each one of you. We Love you Always.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016



🎅Guardian Angel, I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for a truly Magical Miracles filled Christmas time,🎄 sharing Love Happiness and Joy with everyone around me and for my being happy at peace staying calm with everyone and everything, 🎄for doing what I love on Xmas Eve & Xmas Day celebrating Xmas in the way I love and enjoy which blesses all those I spend time with and following my hearts guidance with all that I do to celebrate Xmas🎄 I request an MBO fo my giving and receiving wonderful gifts and blessings, 🌟for getting those I love and care about wonderful gifts they love, finding them following my Divine Inner Guidance {D.I.G} and all divinely paid for abundantly, thankyou God 🌟 for my giving Love, being Love and receiving Love, and being a Blessing to all who spend time around me 🎄 for eating delicious wonderful food going out for healthy meals and preparing meals over Xmas divinely and happily 🎄 an MBO for my being abundantly supplied with money and prosperity for all that I need and require in each and every moment over Xmas time, New Year and during January 💲 💴 💵 🎅 🎉 🎄 🎈 🌟🌞🌠🌈🌈🌈🌈🌟 I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for the whole lead up to Xmas for my being happy, calm, clear, abundant in all my activities, 🎄for using wise discernment in my spending on Xmas and over Christmas, 🎄for my being divinely guided and inspired in all I think say and do ~ Listening and following this divine inner guidance wonderfully throughout Xmas and the New Year and this flowing through the January holiday period also🌠🌈 this whole MBO covering all of Xmas time and the New Year period, 🌠🌈 tAnd May many Joyful Blissful Miracles occur over Xmas and the New Year that bless me and all around me, 🎅🌟May this Xmas and New Year be the best I have ever had surpassing all those wonderful ones I have had in the past and all my Hopes and Dreams for Xmas time🌠🌈May I receive all that is for my best and highest good and Thy Will be Done, thankyou thankyou thankyou 😚💜💛💙.....✿💜💜


I ask any and all beings to assist all saying this Xmas MBO in experiencing all within it for their best and highest good thankyou thankyou thankyou

This MBO is worded by Erika L Soul, it was first created for Xmas 2014, rewritten for Xmas 2015 and now revised for Christmas 2016. IF you do change the wording and make it into a different MBO to share online please ask me first if that is ok and also acknowledge that I am the author of this specially written MBO, thankyou All.

 Erika L Soul

Monday, November 14, 2016


This month is a very dynamic time to be in existence. WE are excited to be able to communicate in this way with you all. What has been is gone and what is to come is up to each individual choosing anew each moment. We love to help you to cocreate Heaven on Earth. As you discover this month that the heaven you can experience within you is the real world and the outer world is but the reflection of your inner world you can begin to order your world to your Divine Inner Presence..

During the next month we come to bring you more knowledge, activating your inner wisdom within you so that you can awaken to this Divine knowledge and Wisdom always available. The Trumpet alot of you experienced last month was the Awakening of your Divine Selves from the sleep you were hypnotised into. Now awakened you can take stock and become more aware awake alive than ever before. So feel this newly found Energy alive in you more fully this month as you feel more on purpose than ever before. Knowing your Self is the path to your fulfillment. As you realise the Power that you do truly possess for this Life to be what you truly want to live you can start creating it.

 So right now feel the Energy Transmission coming to you through our words, carrying a Quickening of your Being, awakening you even more. With this Transmission comes upgrades to your physical body to attune it to more Energy Truth and divine Knowledge. The sign of this occuring for you this month is a wonderful one as each one of you receive this Energy Attunement we will present you with a Golden Feather of Truth. With it will come a special Gift that blesses you and your LIFE. 

As you go through this month feel our Love and Blessings pouring into your Heart from the Divine in US Angels to the Divine in you, feel the Blissful Love permeate your entire Being from head to toe, feel US Angels in your dreams touching your heart and giving it a Heart Activation. Awaken your Heart now as it is what the world needs as you allow the Love to Shine through your heart to all in the World, a lighthouse guiding others safely home to the Divine.

We love each one of you divinely and are always here and present as you think of U.S. Angels we exist in the here and now. 

Until next months U.S.Angels Group Reading be Blessed in each and every moment of your existence.. As you reread this Group Angel Reading each time it will activate more and more for each one of you.



Tuesday, October 18, 2016



We are here this month to grant you all something very special in your lives. However it comes will be divinely orchestrated just for you and your life. 
We U.S. ANGELS have united to work with you all this month to co-create with you all one of the deepest desires of your heart. Feel the joy of this heartfelt desire coming into fruition now, let the joy bubble up within you as it's fully realised. Let and allow us to work with you to bring it about and thus this will be a way for you to see how Divine Spirit fuels your deepest desires and fulfills them. Each one whom we touch in this way knows the power to create something wonderful exists within them as you can call upon us anytime to co-create anything. Let the Universe work with you and get yourself out of the way. Imagine something wonderful occurring for you this month, soften inside to receive it and feel the joy spread to all in your life.

So many of you are growing and evolving beautifully developing inner strength and courage to stand up and be the spiritual warrior you truly be. This month we are giving you extra confidance strength and power to become more of the spiritual warrior you truly are already. Feel this transmission from U.S. Angels now filling your energy field and all your energy bodies with this zest and courage that is truly residing in you at all times and our healing transmission is now supercharging it to blossom and open within you as you allow it to. Watch as this month you are given extra opportunities to Stand and be in your full strength and Power of your Mighty I AM-NESS.

Some of you this month will feel a calling, an awakening to be more, give more, do more and create more, like a fire is lit within you that is ignited and passion and purpose is now fully embraced and you are on track. A whole new cycle of activity is ahead for those awakened souls who have a mission to fulfill they agreed to before they were born. This mission is one of pure love and joy and will lead you into higher spiritual ground.

See this month until next months Group U.S. Angels Reading as a time to be more alive and awake than ever before. Our calling card this month signalling our Divine Presence in your life and that this months Transmission is underway and happening for you is a Trumpet being played with a divine sound, awakening you to a new life and new choices. You may see this Trumpet on a card, picture or physically see one or hear one being played, it may come in a dream or anywhere. This will be a special moment as you realise you are now being awakened and called into action and purpose and you are truly on track and being activated. If this doesn't occur this month wait and see when it does in the future as it will occur when you are ready for this shift into being the spiritual warrior ~ your awakened soul. 

We love each one of you divinely and are always here and present as you think of U.S. Angels we exist in the here and now. Ask U.S. Angels anything in contemplation and you can ask to meet with U.S. Angels in a way that's right for you !!!! 
Until next month let Love Rule all your Actions, Words, Feelings and Thoughts. 
As you reread this Reading each time it will activate more and more for each one of you.

 IN LOVE, JOY, and Happiness we Reside Always,



Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Love of Family is Everything

The Love of Family is Everything,
This just popped into my head today and as I contemplated on this I realised how this applies to every kind of family. Our family at home, our spiritual family, our adopted family, our work family, our circle of friends may be our family, whomever is family to us in our lives. The Love of Family is Everything I got as a spiritual truth given to me as a gift. As we love our family we care for them, we do things for them, we eat together, share things and interact frequently. Our Love of Family is not meant about the family that we can't be around because they harm us, but the family we choose to spend time with because they are family to us and we love them. Our family is our tribe, and we form tribes and belong to tribes to enrich us and our experience of life. When we can no longer grow with our chosen family we can choose to stay in touch but we may seek out a new family we can be more of ourselves with and that help us to grow spiritually. 

The Love of Family is Everything is also about the love they have for us that supports us and gives us nourishment. Without Love in our Family the unit eventually falls apart and stops functioning as a whole and members go their separate ways. So the Love of Family is also the key to a family serving all members well as a vehicle for helping us to grow evolve and become more loving, kinder and happier with ourselves and life. Our Family helps smooth out the rough edges and polishes us continously until we shine like a diamond, our Light shining through us to all around us. Without the Love of Family we can become insular,isolated, withdrawn, unhappy, lonely, sick, etc. 

If we are without a Family group in our lives at all for any reason but we know we all belong to one big family, the whole world is our family and we belong to everything and cannot be cut off or separated in truth we can sustain ourselves by this connection that is never lost only forgotten temporarily. Our family in spirit, our spiritual support network is always there to love and guide us if we are listening to Divine Spirit. We are all one gigantic family and are always united, and those who understand this feel no separation or loss as everyone we have ever loved is always with us in truth. Our animals are also our family as they become family members and love us unconditionally and this bond transcends all space and time and is everlasting. The Love of Family is Everything.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Balancing Your Brain with Erika L Soul on The Wellness Show Episode 68


Here I am on The Wellness Show for Part 3 with Tyhson Banighen and the focus is on Brain Balance Healing with my Brain Balance Healing Dowsing protocol. So get ready to receive some great Energy dowsing of a wonderful list of items for healing and improving your brains function and happiness, giving you a new super-Brain. 
I will also share about how I utilise this protocol also as a great SRC cocktail in my SC4U program with many people signed up receiving it frequently.And by simply watching the video anytime and listening you will receive this protocol dowsed for you, as I have sent dowsing of Brain Balance throughout the whole video so if you are aware you can agree to receive this healing.

For all information and the New Revised Brain Balance Dowsing Protocol you can download the word file from this link:

To watch this Episode on the Wellness Show click this link thankyou :

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Within us there is a part of ourself that won't forgive us for things we believe were wrong that we did or that someone else did to us or our family or another person or even place or country. When we ask ourselves have we forgiven ourselves fully and we get not 100% we have a no within us to fully and freely forgiving ourselves or another. As we allow this NO and give it a voice, and fully feel our NO as we energise this within us bringing it out into the open within our conscious mind we can  release the block to forgiveness. 
The NO is a part of us refusing to forgive because we have a point of view that the deed was bad and should not be forgiven ever, or we are punishing ourselves or the other person for their misdeed causing by their lack of caring. 

If we can access this NO we have that we aren't even consciously aware of and give it all our energy of NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO I do not allow forgiveness of this sin error bad thing I did or they did, we embrace our refusal to forgive and allow ourselves our resistance. This then dissipates completely our unwillingness to let go and release the judgement. So if you find you do have some unforgiveness by asking "Have I completely and unconditionally forgiven this thing that I did, or they did?" and you find you haven't fully 100% then simply say No no no repeatedly to your request to forgive this thing. Like " Can I allow myself to forgive this .......... completely and unconditionally ???" then say " No NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!! " and keep saying NO until there is no energy to say NO anymore, you feel at peace and forgiveness has just been completely allowed. You can say this mentally in your head or outloud it works the same. If you know how to muscle test yourself even better " have I completely fully and freely forgiven this 100% ??? " If you don't know kinesiology then just intuit the answer in your imagination. Or dowse with a pendulum your percentage, or find a person to assist you in this process. ( like me !!!! )

Wow, after years of cleaning with ho'oponopono tools and prayers that help you to let go and Let God, forgive and transmute memories causing problems I discover that hidden in us beyond our consciousness awareness is a refusal to forgive and that as we check for its existence and give it all our energy and power consciously with joining with its resistance of NO NO NO NO NO I will not forgive this error, that this then lets us be ok to let go and forgive.
Now the only obstacle to all of this is our minds, that say I have forgiven myself, I have forgiven this person, I have spent much time and effort already in practicing forgiveness and healing this so I don't even need to check whether I have fully forgiven or not, we assume the deed or thing is forgiven by us but maybe there is some hidden resistance to fully completely and unconditionally forgiving it, some aspect in our unconscious refusing to forgive, to allow this to have happened to us, to allow that we did this and say its now ok to forgive !!!!!

Now to find all that unforgiveness and fully let it be there with no no no no no I will not forgive this error and bad thing he did, I did, they did or it did........its a daily task of self love and self forgiveness. Can I allow myself to not forgive myself ????? NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO No !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So what are the benefits to all of this???? Who knows, maybe you feel happier with yourself, maybe you are kinder more loving to yourself and others, maybe something heals in your life, maybe you can receive more from the Universe???? See what happens as you allow total forgiveness. It maybe you haven't forgiven an unkind teacher in your childhood, or Hitler for his transgressions against humanity, or something mean someone did.....

Thursday, September 1, 2016



Healing all that judgement you have about yourself or anyone, healing all pain and hurt and trauma from negative judgement, Healing all the ways you exit from yourself and others, healing from fear of being controlled or fear of being abandoned, Healing all that creates codependency, healing all blocks to love and intimacy with others, healing your relationship with yourself, Receive a Healing Miracle that shifts and changes all of this now. Allow all these changes to come in as you are ready to release all that you have stored up from all lifetimes. 

This track includes at the beginning all of the clearing statements of my protocol for clearing all of the ways you exit from yourself and others or judge yourself....So are you ready and wanting this Miracle of God ?????

Clearing Statements on Judgement & Exiting by Erika L Soul *****************************************************************************

All of the Ways I Exit from myself I now Destroy and Uncreate it ALL: Times a Godzillion....Right & Wrong, Good & Bad, POD & POC, All 9, Shorts, Boys & Beyonds.

All of the Ways I judge something in me that I do or I am like, and then abandon ME and Exit from being Present with ME, I now destroy and uncreate it ALL, Times a Godzillion....Right & Wrong, Good & Bad, POD & POC, All 9, Shorts, Boys & Beyonds.

All of the Ways my parents and family were like this to ME and I copied this negative energetic pattern I now Destroy and Uncreate it ALL,Times a Godzillion....Right & Wrong, Good & Bad, POD & POC, All 9, Shorts, Boys & Beyonds.

All of the Ways I judge others for being judgemental of me, react and resist and then Exit from them and all of the Ways I have refused to see it is only a judgement I am actually already doing on myself, I now destroy and uncreate it ALL, Times a Godzillion....Right & Wrong, Good & Bad, POD & POC, All 9, Shorts, Boys & Beyonds.

All of The Ways I do this to myself and others I now Destroy and Uncreate it ALL, Times a Godzillion....Right & Wrong, Good & Bad, POD & POC, All 9, Shorts, Boys & Beyonds.

All of the Ways I judge me for judging and exiting from myself and others I now destroy and uncreate it All, Times a Godzillion, Right & Wrong, Good & Bad, POD & POC, All 9, Shorts, Boys & Beyonds.

All of the Ways I use all of this to feel bad about myself, abuse myself and abandon my inner child ~ my inner Self and then pay out on myself with addictions, punishment, drama, suffering, sabotage, pain and low energy, I now Destroy and Uncreate it All, Times a Godzillion, Right & Wrong, Good & Bad, POD & POC, All 9, Shorts, Boys & Beyonds.

All of that Stuff I now Destroy and Uncreate IT ALL, Times a Godzillion, Right & Wrong, Good & Bad, POD & POC, All 9, Shorts, Boys & Beyonds.

All of the Ways I want closeness and intimacy and I want to separate, cut off from, reject and judge I now Destroy and Uncreate IT ALL, Times a Godzillion, Right and Wrong, Good & Bad, POD & POC, All 9, Shorts, Boys & Beyonds.

All of the Ways I have been refusing to acknowledge the Truth that I am loved and I have closeness and intimacy with myself and ALL of LIFE, I now Destroy and Uncreate IT ALL, Times a Godzillion, Right & Wrong, Good & Bad, POD & POC, All 9, Shorts, Boys & Beyonds.

What if right Now I realise the Truth ?
What if right now I can be present with me and allow and be with all of ME, and receive all of me in totality???
What if the truth is I do love ME and I have always Loved ME?
What if its possible for me to Embrace and Love all of ME right now????

I have used the Access Consciousness Clearing Statement together here with All of The Ways I ..... which is my own creation. To learn about Access Consciousness Clearing Statement simply google the term and you will find information on it.

So Enjoy and God Bless. SoulErika.


★☆ JOYFUL BLISSFUL MIRACLES ★ 21 Days Energy Healing SPA SRC Program SEPTEMBER 2016 ★☆★ Starting on the 1st SEPTEMBER running Daily until Sept 21st our 21 Days Energy Healing SPA SRC is going to be JOYFUL BLISSFUL MIRACLES !!!

★This SRC is supporting each one of you in ★ Experiencing way more JOYFUL Blissful Miracles & Magic★ happening in your life. It is supercharging your Miracle you choose to have happen so you have all the Energy and Positive Energy to bring it to fruition. So utilise the Energy of this SRC running from Sept 1ST for 21 Days to manifest in your life what you truly desire now.

Choose something in an area of your life that you want energetic support in bringing to fruition. And write it down and this SRC name and month to connect to this SRC with your desire, and place in a special place and then simply allow the Universe to conspire on your behalf and see what starts to happen. Celebrate each little miracle that occurs connected to your wish. You can share your Miracle that you are allowing in here or keep it private.

Every month this program runs and I choose a new SRC to run that I get guided to run that is Most Benevolent for everyone at that time. It can be Energy Healing, Energy Clearing, Energy Enhancing, Prosperity, Health SRC, Manifesting Miracles, Transformations and Life Upgrades, etc. You can always contact me and I will email you what the next months 21 Days focus is on. Click >>> EMAIL


Guardian Angel, I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for this 21 Days Healing SPA running during SEPTEMBER for Supercharging all my dreams, wishes and desires, all that is on my list of things I want to be do and have and experience, each and every day with much Divine Love, Blessings, Joy and Blissful Miracles, I ask that all of these items on my wishlist come about with total ease joy and glory into my life experience ! And I ask that I experience many many many JOYFUL BLISSFUL MIRACLES each and every day of the 21 Days Program I am receiving. I ask that I create Blissful Miracles and Blessings for myself and others each and every day Thank You, I Love You, I am Grateful! AND IT IS DONE O:)


★ As we begin each 21 Days on the 1st of the month you are invited to give a gift of appreciation with a donaton via Paypal or a creditcard, you can sign up and pay for how many months ahead at a time you like. You don't need to have a paypal account as you can do a once only payment. Any amount given is welcome and received in Gratitude and Grace, THANKYOU The mininum donation is $10 AUD a month, (Australian dollar). 

:★: WHAT IS SRC4U ???

"SRC4U assesses an individual’s unique energy, then creates individualized positive energy signals to interact with the energy of each human being to balance their energy and create an optimal environment. The program matrix positively enhances mental, emotional, spiritual and physical fitness by bringing them into an optimum state of balance. This improves the individual’s immune response, increases self-healing and self-recovery capabilities, enhances their self-regeneration potential and their functioning in daily life. "


Erika L Soul
Energy Reader & Healing Practitioner


Thursday, August 11, 2016


ஜWe are coming forth this month to Boost your Energy and Increase your Levels of Functioning. This Energy Boost is within this U.S.Angels Group Reading and as you read you will be receiving it via an Energy Transmission we are sending each one of you who reads this anytime anywhere anyplace. What it will do is to increase your physical Energy, Emotional Energy, Mental Energy, Spiritual Energy, your Life Force, the level of Love in you, your whole Energetic Vibration will increase as a result. This means more inflow of Energy and so much more Energy will flow from you as well, and this you must use wisely and constructively for your benefit and all around you. We will only increase your Energy if this is beneficial for you and we can see that you will be positive and creative and put it to good use. So are you ready to become more dynamic, have more Power to do good in the world, and to create in your LIFE ? YES ? OK This Energy Transmission is coming to YOU right NOW !!!!!

ஜIf you feel you are leaking Energy, not conserving it, wasting Energy then we can also assist to shift the cause of this in you, as you give your permission right now with a big YES Please Thankyou, It is DONE !!!

How are you experiencing Energy Now ??? As you connect into the LiFE Force of the Universe of God, and come fully into this Energy that is always flowing to YOU for you to utilse you merge and Become this Energy that is what you are made of. So would you like to be fully connected right now???? YES ??? We can now adjust your LINK UP to this LIFE FORCE so you are fully plugged in and the Energy is coming into YOU and charging you completely at all times. So as you quiet your mind and Allow this to be Done for you, So it IS.

ஜAll that causes you to separate, disconnect from this Universal Energy, Divine Spirit would you like to give that UP to God right now ??? YES OK so let US shift that in YOU right NOW so its easier to receive this Energy Boost always available to you here and NOW......

ஜSo this month that encompasses this Reading will include Energy UpGrades throughout the month and each time you read this it will activate them more and more. You may be simply sitting in your lounge room and receiving an UpGrade.
Watch for signs and messages from U.S.Angels this month that this is occuring for you and you are shifting your Energy and Frequency to a whole new Level for you, giving you a new state of Consciousness of Prosperity. A sign confirming this will be a Bright Blue Feather, that comes to you in a special way that lights you UP !!!! It may come physically or in a picture or on something, however you experience receiving it will be perfect and Divine for YOU.

ஜThis is a month of ADVANCEMENT so get ready to ADVANCE in all aspects of YOUR LIFE. Advance is progressing, advancing to a new level, shifting from stuckness to flowing and moving forward divinely. So enjoy advancing as it occurs for you, and celebrate your Advances as you earned them. Spiritual advancement, work advancement, health advancement, home advancement, relationships advancing, LIFE ADVANCEMENT, SUPER ADVANCES JUST for YOU !!!!

ஜOur Loving Presence is Always present with You and until next time enjoy reading this months Group U.S.Angel Reading as many times as you enjoy as each time it will go to a new level and deepen it exponentially.

✿IN LOVE, JOY, and Happiness we Reside Always,


Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Here is a Miracle Healing just for YOU!!!
Do you have a Miracle request ? One that you have asked for and are waiting for to happen, if not think of one right now that would delight you. As you completely release what you are wanting a Miracle for to God the quicker it will be realised.
In Truth the Miracle Healing has already occurred. The Miracle Healing is one of many different outcomes available to you. As you choose with your thoughts emotions and intentions to experience the most Divine Benevolent Outcome so It IS. Have faith and gratitude to access your healing Miracle.
So right now say to the Divine within, " I am letting go and Letting God. I hand this entirely up to YOU and I am allowing YOU God to resolve IT, Thankyou so much for this Healing Miracle as It is Thy Will BE DONE, thankyou God."
Imagine you have placed it in Gods hands entirely. 
Fill yourself with Gratitude and Open to a Miracle of GOD
From my New Facebook Page: JoyFul Blissful Miracles

This card is from the "Healing with the Fairies: Oracle Card Deck by Doreen Virtue.

Divine Inspirations for ALL


Everything we create we can uncreate, whether good or bad, liked or unliked, we have the power to do this as we created it in the first place. Its a choice destroy or create something. However nothing is ever destroyed only changed into another form or energy. Everything is here and now. The power is always in us. Uncreate discreate something in ourselves and our reality changes forthwith. 

We affect everything around us because it is all us. So again if we perceive something unpleasant to us, we can choose again another choice with a different outcome as its a smorgasboard of choices and outcomes each one different and not right or wrong good or bad, just experience teaching us each time something different. Teaching us more about who and what we are in truth. 

So go forward in your life fearlessly as its all an adventure in Creation with us as the co-creators of our reality our destiny, with the Divine in us giving birth to our truths we believe are real.

inspired by the Divine within Erika L Soul

Tuesday, August 2, 2016



★The following is a facilitated Ho'oponopono Cleaning Memories session here to help you anytime you feel a problem or anything blocking your natural state of joy happiness and love. As you read each question either silently or outloud to yourself this is the process that will take you into the Zero State, Clear and Free. This whole cleaning protocol brings you into the ho'oponopono zero state as you read and view it, including the image with this post and whatever issue problem or state you are in is divinely released and transmuted as you read this cleaning protocol.
★Simply let all of your thoughts and feelings about anything or anyone or any problem come up and be cleansed, released and transmuted into pure Divine Love as you read and participate in this cleaning protocol. The image and words have Divine Cleaning Energies assisting you in Cleaning and Transmuting all data programs memories into Pure Truth and Divine Love.
★As you allow in these Cleansing Energies they are uplifting you into a higher state of Consciousness and Divine Love. Simply gaze with the Words and Pictures and drink in the Divine Love and let go of all that isn't serving you anymore. I LOVE YOU , is the key to unlock these memories displacing Divinity and your Happiness, Self Love, Forgiveness, Freedom and Prosperity.

★Maybe going through this once will set you free or many times until you feel clear happy and free again. Participate by answering each question and saying your answers outloud or if you are with others silently in your mind .
So Let us Begin.......


❀ What are you willing to let go of right now and fully release to the Divine? 

What is up for cleaning on all the way to Zero right now.. It can be any memory good or bad as we can be attached to a memory of something we want to continue to have as our experience ! Whatever comes up or that is currently in your mind as a thought, memory of something, discomfort, fear or feeling or energy is it !!! ❀

✿ Could you lovingly Embrace and fully Allow these feelings and thoughts and memories to be here now, as if they were a little child ? ★ YES, Thankyou God

✿ Are you willing right now to fully LOVE all of these memories in this moment with ❀ I LOVE YOU ❀ I LOVE YOU❀ I LOVE YOU ★ YES, Thankyou God

✿ Can you now set these memories free and allow the Divine within to cleanse and TRANSMUTE all of these Memories to Zero right NOW ? ★ Yes, Thankyou God

✿ Could you fully RELEASE all of this now and Let Go and Let God ? ★ Yes, Thankyou God

 ✿ And can you now choose to be at Peace and ALLOW all to BE and all to FLOW in the way it wants to IN THIS MOMENT? ★ Yes, Thankyou GOD

✿ Now breathe it all out and allow Divine Inspiration to flow in replacing the memory with Absolute Truth and Divine Love....And IT is DONE ! ★ Yes, Thankyou God

Can you feel this peace permeating you now ? The PEACE Of I ....The peace you really are all the time !!! so simply say YES to this Peace, as we invite it in now and align with it on all levels of our being ★ I say Yes to Peace, the Peace that is I , the Peace that I AM, Thankyou GOD !

✿ How simple is our being at Peace, trusting God and allowing all to be flowing as it is, knowing that All is Well and All is OK !! Can you fully allow that for yourself now ? ★Yes, thankyou, And it is Done

✿ Do you feel yourself being more of your true self now, since you started reading and doing this cleaning, allowing more of you to be present and awakened to Truth !!! ★ YES, THANKYOU GOD

✿ NOW Feel the LOVE in your HEART begin to stir and permeate your whole being and IMAGINE this WAVE OF LOVE flowing to all those around you in your life and your whole world.

✿ Open your heart to this LOVE now, ★Yes Thankyou. GOD !!!
✿ Be this LOVE NOW, be the LOVE that you truly ARE



My wish is that this whole cleaning protocol helps when you feel lost in how to clean and get free of something, and that you can read through this outloud or in your mind over and over til you feel you are done and good again.
I would love to hear from anyone who has utilised this Cleaning Set UP in this post and what occurred for them, how many times they read it to get clear and free and anything they felt while reading and saying the words and any outcomes afterwards, thankyou to each person that does share their cleaning experience here with this blogpost as this blesses us ALL....THANKYOU, Erika L Soul. 

You have my permission to print this cleaning protocol for yourself and use it privately, however sharing it elsewhere online is not permitted. The Energy is Set Up with this Post and facilitated by me with the Divine. So please respect this Gift and ask my permission for anything esle you want to do with it besides using it for yourself, Thankyou.

★Erika L Soul ★

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