Monday, February 1, 2016

Todays Transformational Healing with SoulErika

What is holding you back from being more, giving more, receiving more in your life ???

What could you now release completely that is wanting to flow and be free ??? 

What is it that you really want right now ??? 

What if you could have what you really want, could you allow that to be possible ???

Allow these questions to bring up whatever they do in you right now and then say: Everything that is and everything that doesn't allow that we now Transform on all levels of our Being !!!!!

So now breathe in fully and let go and see what is coming in now, a gift a blessing that wants to come in. So now open the door to this Light and Love, fully accept the gift and blessing. 

What if by reading and doing this within you something huge shifts and changes and is Transformed into a New Way of Being in the world for you. Could you allow that now ??? Yes ???

Good now lets see what Divine Blessings and Miracles you can now rejoice in and give Thanks for !!!!!!

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