Thursday, September 1, 2016


★☆ JOYFUL BLISSFUL MIRACLES ★ 21 Days Energy Healing SPA SRC Program SEPTEMBER 2016 ★☆★ Starting on the 1st SEPTEMBER running Daily until Sept 21st our 21 Days Energy Healing SPA SRC is going to be JOYFUL BLISSFUL MIRACLES !!!

★This SRC is supporting each one of you in ★ Experiencing way more JOYFUL Blissful Miracles & Magic★ happening in your life. It is supercharging your Miracle you choose to have happen so you have all the Energy and Positive Energy to bring it to fruition. So utilise the Energy of this SRC running from Sept 1ST for 21 Days to manifest in your life what you truly desire now.

Choose something in an area of your life that you want energetic support in bringing to fruition. And write it down and this SRC name and month to connect to this SRC with your desire, and place in a special place and then simply allow the Universe to conspire on your behalf and see what starts to happen. Celebrate each little miracle that occurs connected to your wish. You can share your Miracle that you are allowing in here or keep it private.

Every month this program runs and I choose a new SRC to run that I get guided to run that is Most Benevolent for everyone at that time. It can be Energy Healing, Energy Clearing, Energy Enhancing, Prosperity, Health SRC, Manifesting Miracles, Transformations and Life Upgrades, etc. You can always contact me and I will email you what the next months 21 Days focus is on. Click >>> EMAIL


Guardian Angel, I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for this 21 Days Healing SPA running during SEPTEMBER for Supercharging all my dreams, wishes and desires, all that is on my list of things I want to be do and have and experience, each and every day with much Divine Love, Blessings, Joy and Blissful Miracles, I ask that all of these items on my wishlist come about with total ease joy and glory into my life experience ! And I ask that I experience many many many JOYFUL BLISSFUL MIRACLES each and every day of the 21 Days Program I am receiving. I ask that I create Blissful Miracles and Blessings for myself and others each and every day Thank You, I Love You, I am Grateful! AND IT IS DONE O:)


★ As we begin each 21 Days on the 1st of the month you are invited to give a gift of appreciation with a donaton via Paypal or a creditcard, you can sign up and pay for how many months ahead at a time you like. You don't need to have a paypal account as you can do a once only payment. Any amount given is welcome and received in Gratitude and Grace, THANKYOU The mininum donation is $10 AUD a month, (Australian dollar). 

:★: WHAT IS SRC4U ???

"SRC4U assesses an individual’s unique energy, then creates individualized positive energy signals to interact with the energy of each human being to balance their energy and create an optimal environment. The program matrix positively enhances mental, emotional, spiritual and physical fitness by bringing them into an optimum state of balance. This improves the individual’s immune response, increases self-healing and self-recovery capabilities, enhances their self-regeneration potential and their functioning in daily life. "


Erika L Soul
Energy Reader & Healing Practitioner


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