Friday, January 13, 2017



 💝This month being the first month of the New Year is a great time to get spiritually recharged renewed and revitalised. Spending some time communing with the Universe and nature is a good way to do this. We will help to arrange this for you as you give us the go ahead. Releasing the last years woes burdens and energies fully is your job so as to rise again like a Phoenix from the ashes reborn anew and ready for a whole new cycle. So let us now be quiet still within as you surrender everything from the past year into the Universal Energies so that they are now transcended into pure Divine Love. Feel that energetic shift as it all goes.

💙 Now let us welcome in the new Energies awaiting for you, higher energies as you start the New Year like a babe reborn anew. So right now open to these divine energies coming as a divine transmission of Love and healing upgrading you and your Life. Feel this Quantum Shift take place within you as we bring in all that you require for all that you will be doing and being this year 2017. A sign of this is your Energy going up and your happiness at new levels as you opened up your heart and bodies to this Upgrade you are forever at a new beginning of yourself, transformed and more of you than ever before.

 💝What wants to come to you this year, are you ready for all the great things awaiting you, are you opening the door to all this good??? Let us now hold the door open for the Miracles and Joy waiting to come in and Bless you now and throughout this year, so hold the space now as these fly through the Open Door !!!

 💙A great Blessing is coming to you now in your LIFE, one that you never thought was possible, and will open your mind to the infinite possibilities available to you that you didn't think you could receive. Open now to this Divine Blessing we are bringing through for you, there did you feel that Quickening and Awakening and Aliveness charging through you ??? We can see and feel it and in due time so will you.

  💚Our healing symbol and validation that you have received all of this and its real and true for you is a huge Double Rainbow, this Rainbow brings you good luck, good fortune, good news, and is a Healing for you also as your spirits and body is uplifted and healed as you see it. This Rainbow may come to you in anyway, like in a dream, in a picture, in the sky and anyway special way we cocreate it for you. Know its us Divine Angels blessing you through this Rainbow and also confirming you have received all within this Reading for January and its all activated within you for your year. A double Rainbow is two rainbows together two lots of colours and is a double Blessing.

  💜 Until next months Divine Angels Reading for ALL rejoice in Living each moment of your LIFE!!! As you reread this Divine Angel Reading each time it will activate more and more for each one of you. We Love you Always.

  DIVINE within us ANGELS 

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