Sunday, January 15, 2017

Joyful Blissful Miracles Abound Always


This healing painting is shifting transforming all going on within you into pure divine love as you Gaze into it. Receive a Miracle of God via this painting, be restored to your true Divine Self. Healing frequencies and energies were embedded into this painting as it was created. It takes you into the ho'oponopono zero state and Lifts you into higher states of happiness love and joy. Experience Joyful Blissful Miracles each time you view it. Gaze as long as you like into it until you feel restored again happy and secure in Gods loving embrace. You may receive a message, a divine inspiration, or see something appear in it just for you as a word symbol or image giving you a message. Whatever you experience is your own individual journey and how you do this is up to you.

Please Note: You have permission to use this for yourself print it save it etc and for others that you share it with like friends and family. If you want to share it online then first seek my blessing to do so.

Here is a recording I made and put on soundcloud explaining the healing properties of this  Divine Energy Healing Painting.

Erika L Soul

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