Thursday, October 5, 2017


💗 God's Grace be with you ALL. The Grace of the Divine is always present and once you connect with it in your heart you will never be without IT, as it flows through from within from the core of your Being. As so many seek God and the Grace of God, not many discover it is themselves they are seeking, their own divine nature that is God. Once you discover this hidden treasure you know that you are Rich in all ways and it is without end. Can you feel now this hidden treasure awaiting you in the depths of your Being, your Soul Self, which is who and what you really are. Feel this Love now coming through you as we activate this to OPEN to flow at a increased rate for each one of you that is an individual rate that you are ready for. Feel your heart succumb to this wealth of this Flow of Love feel its heartbeat stronger and more in tune with God than ever before.
Can you feel this Love now, this Higher Love that encompasses ALL and is the Divine in YOU. Feel IT and BE IT more and more each day, dedicate your Life to the service you can Be as you allow this Love to come through you to all around you. 

💜 This month is a shift into an Awakening to Love, realising Love, Being Love, which is what you ARE made of, LOVE. We have come to the pinnacle now the Apex, the climb up that tremendous mountain you have been climbing for lifetimes after lifetimes. Trying to get to the top to experience something you yearn for more than anything else in your life, the thing that has been missing that you feel incomplete without. Now is the time to have this experience of the Summit of Love.

💝  Notice this month as opportunities come your way that will increase the Love in your heart, and give you an opportunity to give this Love and receive more Love than ever before. Can you open wide to this Love that will flow in many of your daily activities, and bring many Blessings to your life and all around you.

💜 During this next month watch for Dolphins coming your way, healing enlightening Dolphins, experiences with Dolphins visiting you and giving you their divine energies. Enjoy these Angel Dolphins as they are Messengers for God.

💚 On a practical level we will help you solve a problem this month, that has been unsolvable til now, and with our Light and Energy we will transmit to you this will enable you to have it Resolved with Creativity and JOY. Do not think this is impossible just open your mind to a Miracle of God occuring as you surrender this problem right now to US and let it Go to become what it has been waiting to be transformed into, a Big Blessing and a Gift to YOU.

💙 Until the next months Group Angel Reading we are always with you, as close as your heartbeat. Enjoy this reading over and over as each time you receive more and more Divine Energy and Inner Transformation.💜 



                                                     Atlantis Card Deck by Diana Cooper

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