Saturday, December 2, 2017


If you have been curious about Miasms and want to understand what they are and how to heal a miasm this is the article that is the enlightenment on this subject, as it explains in very spiritual terms what they are. 

In relation to ho'oponopono this is relevant as you can see how the data we have from aeons is underlying physical mental and emotional health problems. And you can see that when you are doing the cleaning with the Divine this is a direct way to clean these memories causing problems and to keep cleaning until one day you are free however long it takes you.

This really supports what Dr. Hew Len has been teaching and Morrnah-Nalamaku-Simeona ever since Mornnah began teaching ho'oponopono.
See if you are drawn to read this 5 page article from the Divine within you. You can keep it and save it for future reference or sharing. If you have had some complex health and emotional issues etc this is a way of understanding them. A real eye opener.

Here is the Link for this 5 page pdf you can save and print and share:

Erika L Soul 

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