Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Ho'oponopono cleaning painting

Hi , here is my Ho'oponopono cleaning painting that cleanses memories while you view it , I have infused it with healing energy and set the energy to do this for anyone viewing it. Any issue going on within you just focus on the issue as you view the painting and this will do the cleaning to zero. You can also send the memory or problem into it to be cleaned as well . The hu and ek words I have added as they are spiritually powerful cleaning words !!!Let me know if you like it and any experiences you have with it !

Some people have given me feedback on their experiences with this painting and I was very amazed. A friend told me someone she knew was going thru a difficult time and she put this on her fridge and she looks at it daily to help her to feel more at peace and it has helped . Many people I know have got this picture and printed it and really enjoy the peace they receive by looking at it.

I myself have used it to clean my stuff many times. One time I was not feeling great at all but I couldn't seem to shift it ,so I got this picture in my hands looked at it and asked the Divine to cleanse whatever was going on in me deep down below my awareness . After this I just came back to myself again and felt whatever was clouding me had gone. I love this painting and the feeling I get from it, and I have felt very grateful it has helped others who love it too.
thank you

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  1. Hi,
    I'm Fernanda, I live in Brasil and
    sou a devote Sara', I forget her last name. But i like so much of things that she says, for (to) me.
    But I don't tell about me.... with she 'cause I don't Knowe.

    I love a lot this page or blog, it's very beautiful and then the people/persons need and want a Life better...

    See you...
    Fernanda Ribeiro Fernandes - Brasil - MG.


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