Monday, August 11, 2008

Ho'oponopono within..

I use the Ho'oponopono cleaning before during and after sessions I do with people who come to me for readings~healings. I am so grateful to have learnt this method and when I get stuck in a session or I am sensing a shared issue I clean and I get an insight on what to do next.

I am responsible for what I am experiencing with the client , if I feel bugged by their issue or how they are I clean. It helps me to stay clear and aware so I can be a better vehicle of Love for them and me! Its so wonderful to feel yourself getting to zero .

One day I was taking a spiritual circle and only one person showed up. As it was only the two of us I said we could have a one on one session for an hour instead. As we talked I became aware of not feeling clear with her and not seeing her without stuff, how she sat and looked at me wasn't feeling right. So I started the cleaning with the phrases , and it was very unclear what we were going to be basing the session on .

Then I felt I needed to move my chair closer to her and sit by her not opposite, and this shifted some energy too. I kept cleaning on eveything I was feeling between us and eventually what we were going to be looking at came up and it totally related to my feeling bugged with her. The session got to alot of issues and ones I could see I had or could relate to, no out there!

The best part was the energy changing and I was now seeing her in such a different light it was such a blessing and a relief to be clear. Her face softened and we were connected and in harmony. We talked about this cleaning method as she knew about it from a short reading I had done with her a while back. I have mainly focussed on certain aspects of the session and there were many others that I haven't mentioned here. I was so grateful to get out of the stuff we were in and for the guidance that operated thru me and allowed everything to be perfect.

The other nite as I was alighting off a train I saw her standing there in front of me about to get on the train and we said hello two souls meeting each other beautifully still clear and right with each other. Thank you god for arranging this all for our best and highest good,
Love Erika....


  1. What an inspiring story Erica, it make me to see Ho'oponopono from different perspective.
    Thank you for this post.
    Love Voula.

  2. Hi Erika

    Great blog, I like the inspirational stories. One thing I would like to mention, that is important about ho'oponopono is taking responsibility for everything. Everything has an energy, and our memories and tapes cause us to be stuck. So we always need to be cleaning on this energy to get us to zero, to be empty to receive inspiration from God. I think it's great that you are spreading the news about ho'oponopono and are affecting people's lives.

    Just remember that you need to work on yourself before you can help other people. I also like how you can tell when you aren't clear. I still have issues with that. Great job!

    Peace begins with me

    P.S. You should put a link on your site to mine, and I could do the same. :)


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