Sunday, August 17, 2008

Loving what we are Resisting


** loving what is ***


To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides. - David Viscott

Only love interests me. - Marc Chagall

Whatever emerges along the path of love is the very thing that needs to be Loved.

If deep loneliness emerges when your lover goes away, loneliness is the very thing that you need to love.

If it's jealousy that haunts your Heart, jealousy is what you need to love.

Love things as they are, and suddenly they transform.


Whatever is bothering us just needs our love and acceptance, whether its a person or painful situation or problem. Saying I love you and thank you is very powerful whether said silently or out loud.

It seems so simple a solution but it can be very hard to do ~loving what we are hating and resisting. Being grateful for all our blessings , "thank you god for all the blessings I have and for all the blessings I am receiving " . One step at a time is all we have to do to reach our goal of self mastery where we are aware fully of who we are and what we are in truth without all the illusions we lose ourselves in. Thank you God for all my moments of clarity and truth where I know that all is well and ok and perfect.

So to our inner child we give the cup of divine love and as she/he drinks of this love all is transformed and perfect and she/he happily goes off to play.

IF we can love the things we hate about ourselves ~especially the ones our ego finds in others , then there is no enemy to beat for its always within us , the conflict is ours . Peace in the world begins with us , no one else ,we are the problem and we can love this and be at peace with all that we dislike.

All this is well and good and we get it as we read this but we need to practise this loving everything that is showing up within and without, by tuning in to ourselves and our state and taking responsibility for what we are experiencing in each and every moment, by saying I am sorry , please forgive me , I love you , thank you. Getting back to our peace , ourselves and God.

It is a choice to love or hate something and we all get to choose anew each and every moment.And its ok whatever we choose, we can love even us choosing to hate or resist what is in our experience .

May the Blessings Be

Thank you



  1. Hellow Erika,
    Your words are so much inspiring. If we all can come to the consciousness of Love and Forgiveness our world will be a fully different place. May the God bless all your efforts to bring this realization to all.

  2. thank you Dilan for your comments I loved reading your words and loing message,


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